Design, Minimalism
& Conscious Living 


I am a designer based in Paris where I'm creating brands and products that empathise with people.


Having a background of fashion and lifestyle, made me passionate about creating designs and products that are user centric. My passion for creating digital experiences started developing while I was studying design during my undergraduate degree, and eventually evolved as I started working as a designer for multiple brands and teams.


As a designer, I seek to create values for users by understanding their needs and emotions. I enjoy working in multicultural and diverse cross-functional teams where I can share my ideas and learn from others.

Education 📚

Work 💼

UX Design Certificate Google

MBA  IFA Paris

Bachelor of Design  NIFT

EEE Certificate Harvard

Tool Stack🕹


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Indesign

Adobe XD

MS Office 365








I grew up in Ahmedabad, India, lived in Los Angeles during my middle school years and most recently in 2020, I was working with MUD Jeans in Amsterdam. 

Currently living in Paris since 2018. I love to travel and experience different cultures, cities and food. I strongly believe in sustainable and conscious living. The principles of sustainability and minimalism also have an impact on the way I design. When I’m not working you can find me blogging, playing video games or exploring Paris.

Also developing & administrating the CLO3D community on  Reddit & Discord.